Monaco Parfums For Woman.

The Monaco Parfums woman continually invokes exception: the azuréen myth floats in her wake, her presence intense, marking the memory of everyone she meets. Free, rebellious and sophisticated, she emanates a certain French charm and lifestyle only found in the Riviera. Her class finds a precious backdrop in the universe of the principality, offering her a life with no other limits than the horizon.

The range.

Eau de Parfum 30 ml, 50 ml and 90 ml
Shower Gel 150 ml
Body Lotion 150 ml
Deodorant spray 100 ml

The Design.

The Monaco Parfums Woman bottle, with its sensual curves and voluptuousness, allows us to appreciate the image of an exceptional woman. Marked with the princely seal, the bottle assumes its noble origins and claims its Monegasque identity. The golden liquid at the heart of the bottle is a delicate reminder that Monaco is a land of champagne, celebration and nightlife, where big fashion names compete with those in jewellery. Said jewellers have partaken in the creation and the intricate details of the “gem” cap, which elegantly crowns the ensemble. This jewel, delicately crafted in gold and glass, fits flawlessly into a monogram of the princely diamond. Even before the bottle has been opened, class is clear-cut.

Calice Becker

Perfumer Givaudan

Monaco Parfums Woman all began with Calice Becker, “nose” of reputed perfumer Givaudan. “I like to add a dose of intrigue, because nothing attracts attention more than a touch of the unexpected.”, admits the travel and art enthusiast. Becker nourishes these sensations and her olfactory imagery with her passion for horse riding, her culinary experiences, and by exploring the world. Life, in all of its richness and complexity, is Becker’s key inspiration. Forever curious, the young Becker was already asking her mother, “how do flowers get inside a perfume bottle”.

The Fragrance.

A Floral Chypre Citrus.

Monaco Parfums Woman is a delicate combination of glamour and elegance, incarnated by floral chypre. Light dominates this fragrance.

A solar mimosa imposes, enhanced by the freshness of citrus, bergamot orange and petit grain, and heightened further by the soft touch of white rose petals.

The heart of the perfume gently reveals itself, hints of mimosa still lingering, accompanied by the soft touch of neroli oil and the sparkle of a raspberry and peach duo.

Once this raspberry becomes nectar, it dons the creaminess of sandalwood and the sensuality of patchouli oil, suffusing an aura delicately powdered with mimosa and heliotrope.

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