Monaco Parfums For Man.

An elegant and adventurous night owl, the Monaco Parfums man openly bears his freedom. His class is something that cannot be improvised, moreover it must be emphasised, and his perfume does this, revealing the powerful and wild gentleman inside of him. Monaco, the princely kingdom, is home to a rare man that revels in luxury. When he is around, life sparkles. The freshness and light of his perfume linger in his wake, the idea of an eternal summer on the Rock of Monaco taking shape.

The range.

Eau de Toilette 50 ml and 100 ml
Shower Gel 150 ml
Deodorant Stick Alcohol Free 75g

The Design.

The square shoulders leave no room for doubt: the intention of Monaco Parfums Man bottle is to perpetuate the wearer’s power. The Monaco Parfums man is a gentleman whose elegance rivals his energy. The royal seal, ever-present, conjugates the masculine form of the Monegasque myth and its golden liquid suggests champagne nights, during which the Monaco man likes to gamble. This is subtly suggested by the cap, which is made of superimposed casino chips. The Riviera man’s style is epitomised by this essence, which is elegantly masked by a princely backdrop invoking the code and colours of the principality.

Antoine Maisondieu

Perfumer Givaudan

Antoine Maisondieu is the master behind Monaco Parfums Man’s power and freshness. Official “nose” of perfumer Givaudan, Maisondieu comes from a family of perfumers. “There are so many elements in perfume that fascinate me: creativity, the poetic aspect, but also elegance and pleasure”, he confirms passionately. Antoine Maisondieu relies upon instinct for the most part of his work, free from imposing rules and regulations. The freedom of his tone allows him to develop refined compositions.

The Fragrance.

Woody Aromatic Leathery.

Monaco Parfums Man conjugates a mixture of stone pine and marine breeze, creating a woody aroma full of character and elegance.

Mediterranean bergamot and citrusy smells dominate, generating a luminous sparkle. Magnolia blossoms at the heart of the fragrance, highlighting allspice with panache, and bringing us effortlessly to sophisticated notes of Ambroxan and vetiver, which leave a lasting scent.

An elegant leathery tone finishes off the Monegasque ensemble, leaving an ongoing impression.

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