Mercedes-Benz Pop Edition.
   The fragrance made for me 

 An edition with more than a hint of pop! By teaming up with a communication and design school to rework its elegant
women’s perfume bottle, Mercedes-Benz handed the brief over to young designers.
The result is an unashamedly pop edition for a fragrance that’s still just as deliciously addictive.

Oriental Floral, a deliciously colorful perfume.

When it comes to the fragrance, this perfume expresses its pop personality through contrast: gentle and full of energy at the same time. Fruity notes of bergamot, mandarin, peach and kiwi bubbling up to the surface. Tender hints of sunny white jasmine, gardenia and frangipani flower coming through. Whipped cream, sandalwood powder and vanilla tantalize and seduce the appetite.

Design & Range.

A creative challenge
It all starts with an idea, a desire… Always looking to buck trends and work with tomorrow’s talent, Mercedes-Benz asked fifth-year students at ISCOM Paris* to redesign the bottle for its celebrated women’s fragrance. The brief: draw inspiration from pop art and come up with a strong graphic design that breaks the rules, injects energy and celebrates life in all its colors.

Logomania rules
The design chosen by Mercedes-Benz is a real blast of optimism and fantasy. The winning team hit the mark with its proposal for a bottle that plays with the very 90s phenomenon of logos all over the place. ”We thought: There are logos everywhere! So why not on perfumes too?” Blue, pink, yellow, green… Mixing the font sizes and capitalizing on the power of the monogram, the classic curved glass bottle is now covered with the Mercedes-Benz logo in all shapes and sizes.

The Hair Mist
For a different twist on this deliciously pop fragrance, Mercedes-Benz came up with aHair Mist that gives hair shine and protection. A great way of getting to know
Mercedes-Benz For Women Pop Edition.