Mercedes-Benz Parfums.  
For women Rose, the eau de toilette. 

 She throws herself into life with daring and hope. She looks life straight in the eye and moves confidently forward. She is charm incarnate. She is strong, yet tender and gentle. Part of her mystery lies in secret, floral garden she has kept in her heart. For her, Mercedes-Benz created a new eau de toilette, Rose. Rose is sweet, fresh and young. A floral eau de toilettes passionately devoted to her sensuality and daring. To her irresistible allure and delicate elegance. To her sweet and romantic nature. A tender, luxurious garden of bewitching flowers, sparkling with freshness and sensuality. A flash of optimism, a splash of rose. Like a captivating bouquet of bursting sensations

A floral fruity fragrance.

Very graceful from the start, this fragrance opens with fresh fruity top notes of blackcurrant and grapefruit harmoniously illuminated by a floral nuance of rose. The feminine and elegant heart of rosewood and elemi is delicately embedded by sweetest side of magnolia. Woody and elegant, the wake releases a modern accord of musk, amber and cedar wood.

The design & range.

Revealing a soft pink juice, the bottle adds a bright glamorous touch to every woman's fragrance wardrobe. The bottle's now famous curves are wrapped ingradated pink luminous, modern and trending, catching the eye and attracting the hand. The iconic star signs the creation on the top of the luxurious, glossy metal cap. The box follows suit, daring bright, remarkable, unforgettable rose pink, completed by the silver gravure that adds the final, prestigious touch of excellence.