Mercedes-Benz Select.  
A classic among classics.


The Mercedes-Benz Select fragrance has already become a classic in selective perfumery. It is a signature scent that evokes elegance for men. Dive deep into the masculine world of Mercedes-Benz with this Eau de Toilette, which has, over time, become the fragrance of assertive men with natural charisma.

A woody cyprus fragrance.

Classic and already legendary, the olfactory profile of Mercedes-Benz Select plays the uniqueness card by mixing light ingredients with long-lasting notes. French Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp chose the freshness of a fruity bergamot and blackcurrant accord for the head notes, nuanced by an aromatic heart with peppermint and apple accents. A trio of ambrox- musk-patchouli base notes leaves a lingering and unforgettable sillage. “A legendary fragrance for men, as a tribute to the masculine Mercedes-Benz universe”, explains Olivier Cresp.

The design & range.

With a square shape and sturdy glass base, this innovative design is now a classic. The purity of its straight lines meets the sensuality of its curves. Stylish and resolutely masculine, its sloping cap proudly displays the three-pronged star of a brand that is always looking to the future. The iconic star is also embossed on the box, which is in black and dark gray for elegant simplicity. Meanwhile the name of the fragrance appears in silver letters. Subtle and understated.