Mercedes-Benz Man. 
Blue, the star eau de toilette.  

 Following the success of the original Mercedes-Benz Man, the eau de toilette Blue offers a new proposal: a fresher, more contemporary approach, for the same kind of personality – a man who is the actor of his life, strong, attractive and self-confident. The codes of the emblematic brand are still here: high tech, masculinity, sophistication…

An aromatic woody ambery fragrance.

This new fragrance embodies freshness and elegance, in a very trendy way. Created by perfumer Michel Almairac (of Robertet), who was born and raised in Grasse, the capital of perfumes, it belongs to the aromatic, woody, ambery family. It starts with a citrus opening, made of an invigorating mix of bergamot, pepper and tangerine, creating a pleasant sparkling effect. It then evolves to disclose a heart made of lavender, patchouli and tonkabean, a trio of notes which gives a noble facet to the perfume, before expressing its woody accord, through a very and long-lasting blend of musk, amber and vetiver. All in all, Mercedes-Benz Man Blue exhales the scent of a cool yet stylish attitude.

The design & range.

Mercedes-Benz Man Blue comes in the same one-of-a-kind bottle as that of Mercedes-Benz Man, except it is totally…blue. The black soft-touch matte bottle has turned into a vivid royal blue, enhancing the contrast between the iconic silver Star, placed in the its center, and the glass window revealing the colored fragrance, creating a unique halo impression. The box also bears a heat-embossed version of the emblematic Star, but on a lighter blue background, as a way to convey the freshness of this new fragrance.