Mercedes-Benz Club. 
The perfume for the new generation. 

 A lively city at night. A man. Young, stylish, and relaxed. Fashionable and happy. A spontaneous lifestyle, an outgoing personality. He wears his perfume like a passport to party, a talisman for life. He's excited and full of energy as he runs down the steps to join his friends. Same trends, same tension. Same impulses, same pulsations. They’re all together, joking, laughing and smiling. Excited about their night on the town. Ready for fun. They belong to the same generation. And live life to the fullest.

A woody aromatic fragrance.

A woody aromatic that draws you into the vibrant sillage of its seduction. Created by Master perfumer Olivier Cresp (Firmenich). This young, free masculine fragrance has successfully orchestrated a subtle contrast between elegance and energy, with the deep, sensual base accord stimulated by fresh, sparkling, slightly acidic hesperidia notes. In the tradition of the most outstanding masculine fragrances, this composition dares a formidable gourmand twist, which stands it apart and makes it absolutely irresistible. A passport to party, a talisman for life.

The design & range.

Streamlined and futurist. Unique and original. Powerful and energetic. Young and modern. An aerodynamic shape that suggests speed and motion. An exceptional object containing even more exceptional than itself, engraved with the emblematic star.