Like the motto of the brand Mercedes-Benz, we keep this philosophy for our fragrances: The best or Nothing. Mercedes-Benz perfumes are made in France. The manufacture of our products is carried out with a special care. We work with international agencies to design our bottles perfume in order to be at the cutting edge of the trend. We cooperate with the best and famous glass-makers of the North of France renowned for their unique know-how and their quality. Fragrances come from the biggest French houses of fragrances to create perfumes with beautiful and qualitative raw materials. To insure this quality we work closely with master perfumers known all around the world. We make a point of honour to take the greatest care of these ingredients, natural or synthetic to guarantee an exceptional perfume for our customers.


Innovation: Innovation is our keyword! It is the center of our concerns to keep a head start. We work every moment to support the bias of the difference that made our success. We want to stay up to date and innovation is the key to keeping this position.

Excellence: « Dedicated to customer and driven by excellence». The quest of excellence is present in all aspects of our product development, which translates into a continuous search fo perfection. We want to offer our customers the best.

Passion: Passion for this olfactory environment which concerns the women as the men. The passion to understand the consumer, to answer his expectations and to create him an olfactory universe of his own and in which he feels good.