From masstige to selective perfumes…

Signing the fragrance license for Mercedes-Benz, the 9th biggest brand in the world, in 2011, completely changed the destiny of INCC, a SME dedicated to masstige perfumes since its creation in 1990. Hence, under the iconic three-pointed star and the « The best or nothing » motto, with a 25% annual increase in sales and a new Mercedes-Benz perfume launched every year in October at Cannes, INCC quickly became known for two qualities:

  • That of a pioneer, for being able to make a car brand legitimate and lasting in the selective perfumery sector, among the most prestigious brands, mainly coming from the fashion industry… and
  • That of a brand builder, for respecting the DNA of the brand and the luxury codes, in terms of creation, pricing, communication, distribution...

After five years on the market, the figures show the gradual global success of the Mercedes-Benz fragrances: 100 million Euros in sales (consumer sales) at 10 000 points of sale in over 100 countries. Equipped with the keys to this performance, and eager to make it last, the INCC staff strive to give the company the means to achieve its ambitions in terms of strategy, finance, organization, distribution and communication, because, as we all know, the next challenge is just round the corner…



INCC is now present in 10000 doors over 100 countries, strengthens its already close ties with its distributors day after day, and expands its presence at the luxury trade shows, adding the art of receiving to its expertise.
The objective is to continue to expand the distribution in the US, Europe and Middle East and to enter new markets such as Russia.



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