Esprit de Versailles is a prestigious duo of fragrances (for her, for him) inspired by the royal history of the famous French city. Two elegant perfumes created to recall the aristocratic life of the Versailles palace, known all over the world for its refinement and luxury. The spirit of Versailles epitomises the quintessence of exclusivity: from the spectacular architecture of the palace, to the magnificence of the gardens, with its amazing collection of flowers and plants, and the intense cultural life promoted by the Kings and Queens, who were real patrons of the arts. Esprit de Versailles is a fragrance for connoisseurs, and those who love the French art de vivre.







Masculine Fragrance
Aromatic fresh

The perfumer Vincent Schaller has been inspired by the Versailles gardens and fountains and he wanted to transcribe this freshness in a modern perfume with an ice cube effect. A very fresh and sparkling fruity green top thanks to the blend of granny smith, lemon and aromatic basil. Sylvestre pine, cistus absolute and neroli of Grasse give an elegant and original touch to this fragrance. The dry down gives it very strong masculine, sophisticated and sexy signature.


The two perfumes are resplendant in royal colours : gold for Her and black for Him.
The bottle is in an elegant rectangular shape engraved with a classic motif inspired by the Versailles palace architecture; the medal and ribbon placed on the front of the bottle represent the Royal seal of approval of these majestic fragrances. The fleur-de-lis motif emblazoned on the cap is a tribute to the Kings’ favoured flower.
The boxes exude luxury with their board embossed with the same motif as the bottle.
All in gold for Her, all in black for Him, Esprit de Versailles is luxury incarnate !

Feminine Fragrance
Floral, Rose, Fruity

All the sensual delicacy and femininity of a vaporous blossom bouquet combined with the crispy green and modern notes of blackberries and violet leaves. With Esprit de Versailles for her, Nathalie Lorson wished to capture the magic moments of a dreamlike nature. At dawn, dewy refreshed flowers shake their diaphanous corolla to free their silky petals and exalt their delicate fragrance. Hour after hour, the sunbeams sparkle through the shimmering vegetation and fill the pulpy berries with a precious and lively essence that guarantees the eternal renewal of this majestic cycle.