Mercedes-Benz Parfums.

The first feminine fragrance.

The charm of daring it all. A woman. Optimistic, independent and full of drive and passion. Freedom of tone, freedom of thought. Knowing who she is. And being herself. A little nonchalance, a lot of assurance. A desire to confirm her style. With poise and ease. Rich and sophisticated with many facets and much finesse. Unique. Decidedly different. All the qualities of a classic, all the signs of luxury. An attractive, alluring perfume.

The range.

Eau de Parfum 30, 60 & 90 ml

The Bottle.

A flacon all in gentle curves. Shoulders. Or Hips.

Perfect transparency.

The mastery of glass and metal clad in soft-touch matte black.

Light shining through the absolute smoothness of the bottle.

Ultra-femininity. Ultra-modernity.

The silver's mirrored sheen. The metal's gleam. The streamlined stopper, massive, crowning the silhouette, completing it, accomplishing it.

The star engraved in its center echoing its more discreet counterpart in the bottom of the flacon.

The Fragrance.

A fresh, powdery, floral perfume showcasing the creativity and modernity of the unusual accord of mimosa and violet. This contrasted composition confers authenticity and is at the heart of the fragrance's strong olfactory signature and original yet universal character.

It opens brightly with a hint of bergamot to pique curiosity, softened by a peach so perfectly tangy it makes your mouth water.

We may imagine it as fleeting as fashion, as immediate as pleasure, but this is only the beginning, just the preface.

After the fresh top notes the composition moves into a delicate floral heart, a voluptuous, luxurious bouquet of mimosa-violet, rose and lily-of-the-valley, sustained by a deep sillage of patchouli, white musk and vanilla.

Mercedes-Benz For Women - Reveal Bottle
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Mercedes-Benz Woman Eau de Parfum

Mercedes-Benz Woman Eau de Parfum

Mercedes-Benz Woman Eau de Toilette

Mercedes-Benz Woman Eau de Toilette

Mercedes-Benz For Women

Mercedes-Benz For Women

Mercedes-Benz Rose

Mercedes-Benz Rose