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Mercedes-Benz Select.
The new fragrance for men.

The new Mercedes-Benz fragrance is already a pillar of the brand as it embodies all the key elements of the Mercedes-Benz universe, while incorporating the noble codes of selective perfumery. Mercedes- Benz Select is definitely an elegant perfume, with a timeless dimension. Promised to a great future!






The design of the bottle is sleek and strong. It looks squared-shaped but in a very innovative way: mixing the purity of straight lines with the sensuality of curves. The basis is made of heavy transparent glass, with rounded corners, while the top and the cap are inclined, looking very solid and masculine. The box plays on an elegant duo of black and dark grey. On the upper part of the facing, the world famous and distinctive 3D Star of Mercedes-Benz catches the eye. In shiny silver, it is embossed on a shiny black square, also embossed and reminiscent of the shape of the bottle. On the bottom, the name of the perfume appears in silver letters, on a matt effect dark grey, contrasting with the sides and top of the box, in shiny black.


Eau de Toilette Natural Spray: 50 ml, 100 ml
Shower gel: 150 ml
Deodorant stick: 75 g